Dusted: A Collection (2008​-​2012)

by Animal Magazine

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Four years in the making, these thirteen songs were recorded in pieces in a variety of bedrooms. Seven brand new songs blended with remastered demos!


released July 4, 2012

Justin Hast - Vocals
Mike Hoover - Guitar
Joel Hansen - Guitar, Drums, Vocals

All Songs Recorded By Animal Magazine and Produced by Joel Hansen
Additional Mixing and Technical Assistance by Andrew Logan



all rights reserved


Animal Magazine Richmond, Virginia

Back from the dead, Animal Magazine spits out spastic grooves for yr mom to move.

Justin Hast - Vocals
Joel Hansen - Guitar, Drums, Vocals
Mike Hoover - Guitar, Vocals

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Track Name: Lonesome God
Fuck I’m starving alone
way passed the way you throw up
they tie them up
ropes in blood
cries for a lonesome god

that’s all I get
Make it in my way
I’m not going back
Storm all your loved ones
So sad

Go on there all around you
Its judgment
Go on they don’t love you
No turning back

Run bleed for a good god
Damn bored heart
Run God faked you
One god one life one day
One more time

Wonder why I cant dig the fucking world
Track Name: Dave Rides The Wave
Running hazards
They don’t even care
Dave just rides the wave

Right between the eyes
That’s just what I chose
She don’t want me out
That’s why we gotta

Live in filth
And die
I cant die

Dave rides the wave

Reagan that’s just what I know
We don’t give a fuck
We just have to choose
She don’t want me
she just wants to fuck
Heaven never starts
That’s why we gotta

Live kill die
I cant live

Is she alright
Is she around the floor
I only think its true
Once in a while

Theres an old man
In a city morge
Says he left his keys
With a swollen whore

Time to rid my life from the sick
Try to rid my life from the trick
Trophies are damned
We’re not waking up
Track Name: Feral Child
We’re on a subway train
Where no one cares
We live through are disorders
Where god lives
Run and suffer
What makes you run
What makes you walk away
We’re on a subway train
Where no one lives
Run what makes you suffer
Stay We don’t need to live
Feral child
Keep it wild
Track Name: There Was Elves At The Battle of Gdjh Dinn
There was dead wheels
Starving fucking naked will make you feel
Relying on your bad time
Strangling over your thoughts
Ruining your dreams
Giving up your fucked
Strength from beer

Just start the program drunk
I’ve learned my lessons yea
My mind says find blood

He said nothing
They’re sure it was all out of character
You better not fall but what can I do
Floating in your bullshit
Sell me something to eat
Or die
Track Name: We Are Alright
(written by Will Metcalf)
The night life ain't no good life
But it's my life yes indeed
We'll ...
And drink our miseries

We're alright

Quick with a knife, and good in a fit
The night life ain't no good life
But it's mine
Track Name: Bandage
I went to down Memphis where I covered all my teeth
In a state of pretty bandage - they looked good enough to eat

I went down to 'Vannah where I colored all the bees
So that they'd only sting me and save you from disease

I went down to Memphis
Track Name: Cloak And Dagger
We’re not going anywhere sober
They’ve got our poor chalice
Can’t create anymore disorder
The pigs got me
Get down take em off
Who do you think your fucking over
Get down or fight
Who’s fucking who over
Who you fucking over
Pig why are you trying to fuck with me
All that you bleed is not all that I need
Cloak and dagger
I will always get you faster
You will beg on your knees that’s the truth…
Track Name: Rustyard
She said honey where’d he go
Which I replied baby I don’t know
Never giving up
not much for free
Fuck this town
I’m gonna throw it away
This whole town I’m gonna throw it away
God what the fuck
Im giving a lot for a shore fire
Im hanging on to broken dreams
This city life is gonna die
The forest is on the way
Fuck this town gonna blow it away
This whole town gonna throw it away
Track Name: In Place
(from "Richard Cory", E.A. Robinson)

And he was always quietly arrayed,
 And he was always human when he talked;

But still he fluttered pulses when he said,
"Good-morning," and he glittered when he walked.

And he was rich – yes, richer than a king –
And admirably schooled in every grace: 
In fine, we thought that he was everything, 
To make us wish that we were in his place.
So on we worked, and waited for the light,
 And went without the meat, and cursed the bread
Track Name: Nosferatu In Colonial Williamsburg
Built a single bomb
Yea its all I want
We’re not lost but still over run
Sinking their teeth in clearing your area
Clarity is bullshit I know how this all ends
Yea we’re not lost but still over run
Brothers sold it over a gun
War in your covent
Why would I give a shit what can I say
Your wounds are already torn open
Why do I give a shit
Everything I do is wrong
Oh god will I forget
That I got rock n roll
Be a man am I the only one sinking
I wont go
Cause we’re not lost just over run
And you better find yourself
Recognize one more flaw
I’ve been strung out for days
And I’m not gonna get laid
Why am I underdone
Lonely and wrong
And your forwarned
Im going to hell
Track Name: I Was A Teenage Earth
Can I get any older
I don’t think so
Is it fucking over
When you die your gonna heal
Grow it kill it
Comes from a broken home
Bloated discredit
Only god allowed
Im not taking them anywhere
Im not going far
All my life I’ve seen them suffer
It’s fair to know Im the one their suffering from
Im not taking up anymore time
Wasting it to breath
Im not laying down in broken glass
But ill sure as hell be bleeding
Track Name: My Emotions
You’re on your way
When your floating in shit
Miles high
So many more plagues to come
Doesn’t get any better
Rock n roll

Proud with your
Puckered mouth
And your black leather suite case
Doesn’t mean anyone’s
gonna be calm for free
my my my my emotions

broke down and spiraled
I’ll sleep outside
Got anymore downward spirals
I can see lifes not gonna care
I’ll get off the floor and give the middle finger
Strapped up but they won’t care
That guy there with the black leather suite case
My my my my my emotions
Track Name: Weak
I left my clothes by the water
There was a fever in my veins
I swear I was the nicest of children
Held by death and human burden

I am weak in your arms
And I am dying
I am weak in your arms
And I am alive
Well don't let go, cause it might be the last time

The sunset on the breeze in the bonfire
And everybody gets so cold
We laid down in the woods with our wives
And we don't die 'till we get real old

I am weak in your arms
And I am dying
I am weak in your arms
And I am alive
Well don't let go, cause it might be the last time